About me and my products

In 2005 I made my first gemstone beaded necklace. It started out as a hobby intended to accommodate my desire to have a matching piece of jewelry for every outfit. Now it has grown into a full time activity. Every necklace and bracelet is a unique design. Based on the character of the stone I usually finish the design with silver or gold filled findings, but other metals like bronze, copper or brass also find their way into my designs. Many of the findings I use are also hand made items, made by third parties

Gold filled is an USA standard. A 14 carat gold layer is forged on a base of copper from which items are made. The percentage of gold being at least 5%. The result is a very durable (lifetime) product. Gold plated items have a gold layer of a maximum of 3 micron thickness electroplated to the finished item. Making it vulnerable of wear. Vermeil standard is 3 micron gold plating on (sterling) silver.

Gemstone is a product of nature. Imperfections such as inclusions and crack-lines are a normal. I seldom work with perfect AAA stones as these are priceless. Always check the item pictures to get a proper indication of the quality.


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